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At Active Skip Bins, we strongly believe in reusing and recycling as much as possible, to minimise the amount that goes into landfill. We encourage all customers to separate their waste, so we can all do our part for the environment. Wherever we can, we utilise the awesome recycling facilities that we have in this region. For more information, please doesn’t hesitate to call our friendly staff.

General Household Waste (Mixed Waste):

This Waste Type is for a general house clean up and small home renovations. These bins are regularly used for the annual spring clean, tenant clean ups or for a quick weekend clean up.

Allowable items include: general household rubbish, plastic items (toys), furniture and appliances, cans (aluminium, steel & tin), light timber, plasterboard, flooring etc.

Mattresses & Tyres can be included, but must be declared when the bin is booked.

It excludes: heavy items like bricks, tiles, concrete etc. Plus all items in the Prohibited Items List.

Green Waste:

Our Green Waste bins are the easiest way to tidy up your yard and garden.  Save several trips to the dump with our large green waste bins. We have bin sizes up to 12m available for Green Waste.

Allowable items include: Branches, leaves, grass clippings, trees etc.  Anything that can be mulched and turned into compost.

Items Excluded: Rocks, bricks, concrete, pavers, soil, Prohibited Items.


Cardboard Bins are available for recycling these paper based products. We use a local recycling company to sustainably repurpose the paper fibres and look after our environment.

Allowable items include: Cardboard, paper, newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, books

It excludes: Wet cardboard, waxed cardboard, laminated paper. All General Waste, Prohibited Items

Mixed Construction / Building Waste:

Mixed construction bins allow for extra weight as the contents are usually from a building/renovation site and contain heavier items. Builders and renovators often involve demolition and this type of bin is perfect. Our 3m & 6m bins are most popular.

Allowable items include: Timber, Bricks, Tiles, Rocks, Plasterboard, Metal, Rubble.

Excluded: Asbestos, Prohibited Items.


Clean Concrete:

Concrete is another product that can be recycled and re-used. Provided the concrete sizes are less than 50cm x 50cm it may be less expensive to remove than what you think. Other items like bricks, rocks & asphalt are also able to be included.

Allowable items include: Clean Concrete, bricks, rocks & asphalt – all up to 50cm x 50cm in size.

Excluded: Excessive amounts of dirt, Asbestos, Prohibited Items.


Asbestos Waste is a dangerous product and we highly recommend getting expert help in removing and handling all forms of asbestos. Legally households may be able to remove a small quantity of asbestos, provided the correct precautions and procedures are followed. Please see our Asbestos Page for more Information.

We provide Asbestos Bins for the safe transport of Asbestos waste. There is a very limited number of operators who hold the required EPA licences, correct insurance coverage and the same amount of experience that we have in transporting Asbestos.

There are very strict requirements on wrapping, sealing and containing the asbestos prior to collection. We can provide all the information you need to assist with this delicate process.

Allowable items include: Asbestos items – sheeting, roofing, tiles, pipes.

Excluded: Everything else, except for Asbestos Items.


Our Steel Bins are the perfect solution for the pile of scrap steel that seems to be ever-growing. You can include all types of metal – aluminium, stainless, copper, light and heavy steel – even your old white goods. We provide a bin for you to load and when it is ready for collection, we refund you the scrap price – all you pay is the bin service fee! We are open, honest and transparent with our charges.

Allowable items include: Mixed scrap steel, Cans (aluminium, tin & steel), stainless, brass & copper, alloy products, whitegoods (stoves, refrigerators etc)

Excluded: General Waste, Glass, Plastics. Prohibited List.

Prohibited Items:

Asbestos (unless in a special asbestos bin – by prior arrangement)

Chemicals, Dangerous Goods and other Hazardous material.

The following items cannot be placed in a skip bin but can be dumped privately at a council facility – please contact local council for more information.

Fire Extinguishers and other pressurised cylinders.

Contaminated Materials – Oils, etc.

Paint Tins – with wet paint inside.

Batteries – car and truck batteries


Declarable Items:

These items can go in a skip bin but must be declared.

(Additional charges apply)

Tyres – car, motorbike, 4×4, truck, tractor

Mattresses – single, larger than a single.